RIC Student Athlete Advisory Committee


The Student- Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) represents the student-athlete voice on the college campus.  This is done by reviewing NCAA legislation, identifying issues on campus, implementing both campus wide and community wide initiatives, encouraging community and campus outreach, and enhancing the overall student-athlete experience at the collegiate, conference, and national level.  This committee is made up of student-athlete representatives from each varsity program, who vary in the amount of time they have been on campus.  The committee meets regularly each semester with both the SAAC Advisor and Director of Athletics. Rhode Island College’s SAAC representatives are annual participants in the Little East Conference’s SAAC initiatives as well. 

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is the driving force behind our department’s outreach initiatives; including volunteer work at local schools, holiday donation drives, and our Most Valuable Professor recognition program.

For more information regarding SAAC, please contact Eric Blanchard at eblanchard@ric.edu